Favorite All-Star Players of Baseball World Cup

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The Baseball World Cup is considered one of the best international tournaments. When it comes to sports betting, you might want to place your bets on the pros so that you will have more chances of winning. 

One unspoken rule of online sports betting is to not rely on your favorites when it comes to placing your wager but it is difficult to resist sometimes.

The BWC has produced memorable players that demonstrated varying skills and prowess in the field. Some of these players have established a career on their own even outside baseball. These players possess intangible factors that render them irresistible to sports ebtting fans.

In this list, we provide a quick rundown of the best immortal players of the Baseball World Cup. We at hbet63 strive to give you solid tips and advice to aid you in your Singapore ebetslip game.


Tino Martinez

Constantino Martinez is an American baseball player who is also nicknamed The Bam-Tino taken from a home run in the 1998 World Series. He was a baseman for Major League Baseball and played for the New York Yankees before returning to his hometown team The Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

He previously worked as a hitting coach and also was a sports analyst for Baseball Tonight on ESPN. Although he retired his legacy lives on and was given a plaque from the Yankees in 2014.

Orestes Kindelan

He is better known as ‘El Cañon de Dos Rios’, he was a Cuban representative in the Olympic Games three times. He has won two Olympic medals in his prime and also became a designated hitter for Cuba. For online sports betting fans, check out his son Lionar Kindelan who is playing for Cuba and Italy.

Lourdes Gourriel Sr.

Lourdes is one of the stars who have played for the Cuban national team. His career as a member of the Cuban national team for 15 years has made him win one Olympic gold medal and several gold medals for the Baseball World Cup and International Cup. A tip for sports betting aficionados, his legacy lives on through his sons Lourdes Jr. and Yuli.

Antonio Pacheco

With the long line of Cuban Olympian champions, Antonio Pacheco played with Lourdes Gourriel Sr. in the Cuban national team. During his career, he has won three medals from the Olympics and several gold medals from other international baseball cups as well. He coached the Cuban team for the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Luis Ulacia

Luis started his career as a shortstop and played for the national team for Cuba in the Olympics. He may be an underdog compared to the success of his teammates Kindelan and Pacheco, he managed to establish a well-off career in baseball. We at hbet63 recommend aspiring underdogs like him to place your bet on because they have the potential to rise against adversaries.

Takashi Yoshiura

In a game dominated by Cuban players, Asian baseball players had a hard time making a name in this field but some managed to establish a legacy on their own. Yoshiura was born in Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan. He signed on to Nissan company as a player from high school and from 2002 he was a staple player for the Japanese national team.

Curt Smith

Curt Smith is a Dutch baseball player born in Curacao and has played for the Dutch national team several times. He was named MVP in the 2011 Baseball World Cup and played also for the St. Louis Cardinals and Minnesota Twins. He is a free agent for the Dutch Minor League and has won several medals in international tournaments representing the Netherlands. 

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Favorite All-Star Players of Baseball World Cup
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