Proposed Structure for Super League 2020

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A new football competition is on the rise and 12 European football clubs are in it to make it all happen. It’s probably the biggest buzz we’ve ever heard in the world of football this year so far. 

Today, Hbet63 will give you a quick rundown of everything you need to learn about the new European Super League.

The 12 founding members of the Super League

The twelve founding members of this new European league are Arsenal, Atlético Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea, Inter, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Milan, Real Madrid, and Tottenham.

Sadly, both huge French and German clubs like Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain have already made a statement that they currently have no interest in joining this project. They are all committed to their respective competitions and leagues and have no plans of leaving any time soon.

This is definitely one of the biggest shake-ups in the history of football leagues as many of the brightest football clubs on the planet are here. It’s not every day that you’ll see differences being set aside to make way for a common goal.


The cost of it all

As you can probably tell already, this project would involve a lot of money. According to a statement from the founding clubs, each football team will be receiving €3.5 billion and this is to mainly develop their infrastructure investment plans alone. This is also considering the effect of the still ongoing pandemic.

The Super League hopes to provide a tremendous impact on the growth of European football with their yearly tournaments. During its initial years, payments are also expected to be over roughly around €10 billion.

What this means for many online gambling Singapore sites is that there’ll be more leagues to feature on their platforms, which would then make the league even more widespread.

How would it work

The main question that lingered in many people’s minds when the Super League was announced was how would it work. During the announcement, it was said that there would be a total of 20 participating football teams for the Super League.

15 of the founding clubs are included while an additional 5 more clubs will also be picked based on the overall club performance in the prior season.

In terms of match-ups, they said that there would be midweek fixtures across all the clubs, hoping to compete in their respective national leagues. The 20 clubs will be divided into two groups and the top 3 of each group would automatically make it to the quarter-finals.

The teams that would finish the fourth and fifth place for each group would have to compete in a two-legged match for the remaining football result quarter position. The format planned that will be used to reach the finals is the two-leg knockout.

The competition is said to have a target start date of August while the finals are set to end in May. Additionally, organizers had made a statement that a women’s football league will also be set in the near future.

The first chairman of the league, Florentino Pérez (who’s also the president of Real Madrid) claims that the Super League aims to launch BBC football into a whole new level, bringing it to its rightful place, and gain more recognition it really deserves.

According to him, unlike any other sports out there, football has the greatest number of fans from around the world with over four billion of them. That said, they felt the need and responsibility to give them the best possible entertainment they deserve as they are football fans themselves as well.

People’s reactions

Everything so far has been a mixed bag of reactions. Many express their support to all the clubs participating in this newfound tournament while others are still skeptical about the whole idea, thinking this is all just a complete waste of time, and more importantly, a budget that could have been utilized elsewhere.

Additionally, some football manager 2020 and players themselves shared their thoughts about the Super League on how they felt disappointed, while some expressed their excitement towards this new football experience.

Proposed Structure for Super League 2020
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