Step 1: Visit the main HBET63 website

HBET63 offers a convenient way for newcomers to sign up and register an account with the online casino site. The first thing you need to do is to visit the main Singapore online casino site through the HBET63 link here.

Once at the homepage, look for the blue Free Register button found in the upper right corner and click it. Clicking the button should redirect you to the main registration page.

Step 2: Fill out the registration form

You should now be at the registration page. Complete all the empty fields with all of the appropriate information as you go. From top to bottom, here are the details you need to provide.

Login ID

With a minimum character of at least 5, create your desired Login ID. This login ID or simply username will be used so you can gain access to your HBET63 account.


Similar to your Login ID, create your accompanying password for your HBET63 login. Your password should also have at least 5 characters to be considered eligible.

Confirm Password

Simply re-type your chosen password in this field. Keep note of the character casing as your password is case-sensitive. Meaning, it should be typed in with the same uppercasing or lowercasing, depending on your initial creation.

Full Name

Enter your complete name here. It would be wise to ensure that the name you’ll put here is the exact name that appears on your physical IDs and documents. This is to completely verify the identity of each player and for their safety.

Email Address

Enter your active email address here. This is mostly for account notification purposes so it is a good idea that you have access to this email address.


Simply put your mobile phone number here.


This is completely optional. This field is where you’ll put an Agent ID, otherwise, you can just leave it blank if you don’t have any.

Verification Code

Enter the set of alphanumeric code found next to it.

Step 3: Click Submit to complete your registration

You are almost done! Make sure that you take a good look at everything you have completed so far. Review if all the information you have provided is up to date. Once done, click the blue Submit button. And congratulations. You are now a new member of the HBET63 casino online family.


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