The Truth About Online Casino Bonuses and Promotions

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Over recent years the online casino establishments became more and more creative in terms of promoting their games and amassing a stockpile of new players. To do this, they need to be more tactical in developing their bonuses and promotions. 

Upon registration, you will be offered great deals to increase the number of your chances of winning the games. Many online gambling Singapore platforms offer juicy bonuses that you can take advantage of that will motivate you to play more.

These bonuses come in many forms and sizes and it is essential to know them before you play casino online so that you will know if you are qualified in any of them. The truth is, it is easier said than done, and some of these bonuses demand a specific requirement for you to cash them out.


Wagering requirements

If you have thought that you are entitled to a bonus but upon withdrawal, you couldn’t cash out your money, chances are you didn’t fulfill the wagering requirements of your bonus. Before you play, you should ask the customer service of your online gaming platform for betting requirements for you to qualify on these promos. 

If you are a newbie in playing online casinos you should know that some of these bonuses can only be available to you if you have completed the required amount of bet for your bonus fund to be available for withdrawal. The availability of these bonuses is dependent on the bets that you have deposited on your fund to hit a target bonus point.

Welcome bonuses

If you recently sign up for a Singapore online casino you may already be entitled to a welcome bonus. These are the most common perks that casinos offer to their brand new customers. This bonus as the name suggests serves as a welcome gift for new players who have recently signed up to the platform and is offered usually a small amount.

Free spins

This is a type of welcome bonus that is only applicable to the game of slots. When you sign up on an online casino Singapore usually you are entitled to a free spin in the slot games. It means that you can play a single round of slots without ever placing a bet.

Technically speaking, some of these bonuses are game-specific meaning you can’t use them for all of the games in the library. Some promos can offer up to 100 spins depending on the platform, these free spins are good for practice for the real game.


Cashback bonuses are for losing bets, if you found yourself losing all the time on your favorite game, don’t be concerned because you can have a refund in the form of cashback. These losing points accumulate in your fund weekly and can be deposited to your account for withdrawal or usage for continuous wagering.

Cashback sounds awesome but it is important to note that some promos usually require a specific amount of deposits or bets before you can cash out your bonuses from your cashback account. It is essential to read carefully the mechanics of these bonuses before playing.

Reload bonuses

If welcome bonuses are for newbies, reload bonuses are offered for veteran players. Many casinos online offer to reload bonuses every time you deposit. Although these bonuses usually come in small amounts, you can still enjoy them by free spins and could add to your betting fund. 

Loyalty and VIP grants

Loyalty awards are given to veteran wagerers who have played for a very long time and the online casino Singapore pays a little extra to these players for their loyalty. These perks come in many shapes and sizes and are usually given monthly.

VIP promotions on the other hand are much bigger than any of the deposit bonuses mentioned above. To be entitled to a VIP level, one must accumulate points that are required for a VIP level tier. Some of the VIP players enjoy the following perks that come with the package like exclusive bonuses, gifts, cash, and paid trips.

The term high roller is typically spoken in the halls of brick and mortar casinos than in casinos online. A high roller is a huge spender and plays on games with large amounts of bets that are usually beyond limits, in short, these players are super-rich. VIP bonuses may be for middle-class players but high rollers, the promotions are being discussed in private clubs.


Lastly, to enjoy these bonuses and promotions you must read the accompanying terms and conditions in full detail to understand the mechanics. We at hbet63 want to make sure that you are informed of your exclusive rights to our promos.

The Truth About Online Casino Bonuses and Promotions
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