Top 5 Crazy Facts About Online Sports Betting

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We have arrived at an era where sports betting and gambling, in general, are slowly being accepted publicly. This Golden Age of Gambling started in 2015 where many fantasy sites launched and restrictions regarding gambling are slowly coming off.

There was a time where anyone had to wager on an unreputable foreign sports betting site. Nowadays, many bettors wager on legal websites via many applications that can be accessed through mobile phones.

Aside from the accessibility of sportsbooks, the subculture of sports betting has been marketed through huge sports networks. Sports gambling has innovated the way we watch sports and also for future generations.


In this article, I will lay down a few interesting facts about sports betting that you should know.

Football Is the Most Popular

This is the most obvious fact of all, football is reigning at the top tier of the sports pyramid. It is the most anticipated sporting event every year, it is also the most wagered sport in sportsbooks. Almost 38% of all bets made in 2018 came from professional football. 

After football, basketball comes second, the NBA sees about 30% of the total action. The comparison is near, and it is evident that both football and basketball continually battle for sports supremacy in America. After football and basketball, baseball comes in third place as one of the most wagered sports in the US.

Sportsbooks Make More Money on September

As you already know, football gets a lot of attention in the sports betting industry. One interesting fact is that football is the biggest money-maker in September for the sportsbooks. One of the reasons is that people save money from dry betting in the summer months of July and August for going full tilt in September. 

Another reason is that people are excited to watch the NFL season begin. The football fans are like kids excited at the beginning of the Christmas season, the sportsbooks are much happier at this time of the year too.

It’s a Growing Industry

The legalization of gambling is slowly unfolding and the stigma that is attached to gambling is slowly dissolving as people are becoming more open-minded about the activity. As many sportsbooks are becoming more established and many are offering more user-friendly services, fans of sports betting are growing by the minute.

Statistics show that every year, the revenue of the industry of sports betting is increasing by 10$ million, and it is expected to grow to $60 billion by 2022. The gambling industry is slowly growing and it is continuously expanding due to the new technologies.

Almost Everyone Gambled at Least Once

According to a survey, almost 85% of Americans admitted that they gambled at least once in their lives. This is despite the restrictions of sports betting and gambling in some states. Also, at least 80% of the population wagered on sports. 

Legality Is Imminent

There comes a time when gambling is not allowed in states other than Nevada. Nowadays, the restrictions are slowly dissolving, and many states are slowly legalizing gambling in their respective states.

Ten states in the US (Nevada, New Jersey, Delaware, Mississippi, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and New York, Iowa, and Indiana) have completely legalized sports betting.

We should expect that it is only a matter of time before all of the US states will fully legalize gambling in their jurisdiction.

These few interesting facts are an indicator that online sports betting is an industry that will thrive for more years to come. It will continue to progress and evolve in the future because of the new technologies being incorporated into gambling. Let’s just hope that gambling will be more fully accessible to anyone in the future.

Top 5 Crazy Facts About Online Sports Betting
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